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The war for Troy, the odyssey of Odysseus or the philosophical writings of Aristotle – we are still familiar with the classical legends and philosophical writings of ancient Greece. It is not for nothing that ancient Greece is known as the cradle of Europe .

The ancient Greeks laid the foundation for modern sciences such as mathematics , medicine and philosophy . The political theories of Plato and Aristotle are considered to point the way for the development of the modern understanding of democracy. And literary forms such as comedy and tragedy also have their origins in ancient Greece.

The subject of Greek studies – structure and content

The study of Greek Philology or Graecistics deals with the writings of ancient Greek , more precisely with the works from the time of 800 BC. Chr. To 500 AD. At more than 30 German universities, students have the opportunity to study Greek at a teaching degree or at a bachelor’s or master’s level.

The bachelor’s degree

According to lawschoolsinusa, the bachelor’s degree can be roughly divided into two sections:

  • The first semesters : Knowledge of ancient Greek is required in order to be able to read the original Greek scripts. Therefore, language acquisition is the focus at the beginning of the course . The students attend ancient Greek courses and learn different dialects such as Attic, Aeolian or Ionian. You translate original texts from Greek into German and analyze the works on a language-theoretical level.
  • The higher semesters: If the students are reasonably confident of the language, literary content comes to the fore. The students analyze and interpret the works of Homer and Plato and attend courses on literary theory or rhetoric. In modules on the legal system, everyday life or the mythology of the ancient Greeks, you will gain further insights into the culture of that time. Many universities offer additional excursions to ancient Greek buildings and cultural monuments.

The master’s degree

Students who want to pursue a career in research or aspire to a management position in the private sector have the opportunity to enroll in a master’s degree . There they deal more intensively with a certain epoch of ancient Greece or with a special discipline such as epigraphy. Prospective Greek teachers also need a university degree at a master’s level with an educational focus in order to be able to teach in school.

Requirements for studying Greek Philology

Are you thinking of studying Classical Philology and specializing in Greek Studies? If you can already show the Latinum or Graecum when starting your studies , you have an advantage. All other students have to catch up on both qualifications at the beginning of their studies. Some universities offer intensive courses before the start of studies.

It is also helpful to master one or two modern foreign languages and enjoy reading a lot in order to cope with the extensive reading repetition.

Professional fields for philologists

Many Greek Philology students study to become teachers . After completing the master’s degree or the first state examination, they complete an 18 to 24-month legal traineeship before starting school as a teacher.

For those who have not studied to become a teacher, their professional career is less clearly defined. Many graduates envision working in research , for example as a lecturer or professor at a university. A doctorate is usually required for this.

Graduates don’t just work in schools and universities. There are a number of other professional fields in which philologists gain a foothold:

  • Museums
  • Libraries
  • Publishers
  • Administration or management of urban institutions, social and political associations or in commercial enterprises
  • Media, for example press and public relations

It is advisable to do internships during your studies in order to determine where your own professional interests lie and to gain practical experience.

Why a semester abroad is worthwhile

One or two semesters abroad during your studies offer another opportunity to gain additional qualifications for starting your career. Students of Greek Philology can study abroad in Greece to consolidate modern Greek and get to know ancient Greek cultural sites . Other course contents at Greek universities also serve to develop specialist knowledge.

In addition, the students acquire intercultural skills , which are an important qualification for many professional fields. They also have the chance to get to know people from all over the world.

Study Greek Philology