Study in Nebrija Universidad (6)

Last winter semester I decided to do a semester abroad in Spain and came to MicroEDU through friends who were a great help to me. In June last year I applied at short notice and everything went very smoothly. I filled out the form, posted it, and a few days later I had the confirmation letter from the university and MicroEDU.

On September 1st, my friend, with whom I was doing this semester abroad, and I traveled to Madrid and stayed in a hostel on Plaza del Sol for the first week. Since I didn’t speak Spanish, the search for an apartment would have been almost hopeless for me. It is almost not possible to plan anything from Germany, you can only call the landlords from on site and then only talk to them in Spanish, as communication in English is still difficult. However, my friend spoke perfect Spanish, our great luck. However, despite everything, it was difficult to find an apartment to be found for both of us. The rents are relatively high compared to Germany, perhaps comparable to Munich, but the same living conditions are not offered. By luck we came across a private agency in the Salamanca district that rents out apartments, similar to a hotel with a concierge. The first apartment we had was not that great, but the second was right on Retiro Park and therefore everything was within walking distance for us. It took us about 40 minutes to get to the university from there, but it was worth living in the middle of the city center, as the subway is also extremely good!

The care at the university was okay, but the building itself was in a rather dilapidated condition and the costs of around 4000 € for almost 4 months were definitely much too high. The professors were good, I learned a lot during this time, especially from the international relations professor who gave great classes. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the lessons and you have to do a lot for the exams. I took the intensive Spanish course, two other Spanish courses, International Business, International Relations and International Marketing, all at the Dehesa de la Villa campus… All courses, including the Spanish courses, were credited to me !

According to Existingcountries, one of the university’s offers of holding an evening together in a district with many bars on one evening a week was very popular. There were some Spanish students from the university with whom to improve your Spanish and many of the exchange students, this made it easy to make friends, including Madrilenians.

I can warmly recommend all courses that I have chosen, the professors were very motivated and with a lot of vigor. In contrast to state universities, attendance is compulsory, but since the courses were mostly one after the other, this was not so bad. You could also have a nice breakfast in the cafeteria with a view of Madrid!

Madrid offers a lot, perfect shopping opportunities, a lot of culture… Everything… It was the perfect city for me to stay. There is always a lot going on in the evening, the streets are full of young people and even women don’t have to worry about being attacked at night. In any case, nothing ever happened to me in that direction.

There is also a lot to see outside of Madrid, such as the world heritage city of Segovia, the flight to Lisbon is cheap and only takes 40 minutes and there is also a lot to discover from Madrid by bus. For example, we were in Valencia, the ticket costs only 30 euros and the journey takes 6 hours, but it’s worth it. It is also worth taking the long bus trip to Salamanca, a beautiful student city. As I said, you can discover a lot inside and outside of Madrid and the city ​​exudes an infinite amount of charm. Especially in the summer months (in September it was still 40 degrees) the many parks are fantastic. The Dehesa de la Villa campus is also located on a beautiful park, where you can spend your free time.

The problem that still existed at the university was the lack of coordination between the two campuses. The times of the subjects were not coordinated, so I was unfortunately unable to do a course that I would have liked to do (International Trade), and the monthly ticket to the Campus de la Berzosa is quite expensive and the trip, I thought, took one half eternity. The Spanish courses were very good and I had great teachers who tried very hard. Before I started university, I did the intensive Spanish course, which I can warmly recommend to everyone, it brought me a lot and it was nice to meet people!

I was more than excited about my stay in Madrid and I will definitely return there again and again! Have fun and if you have any questions you can write to me again.

Study in Nebrija Universidad 6