Study Trade Management Abroad

Supermarkets, boutiques and car dealerships: a life without retail is almost unimaginable. For us today it is a matter of course that we can buy what we need at any time.

Almost three million people work in retail, and the turnover is almost the same. In the export country Germany has always been foreign trade plays an important role. Goods to the value of more than 1,100 billion euros are exported every year.

The designed in our increasingly globalized and interconnected world trade , however, more complex. Many companies operate internationally, online retail is growing rapidly and consumer demands are constantly changing. A degree in trade management prepares prospective traders comprehensively for these future challenges.

Structure of the course

According to ehuzhou, there are courses in the field of trade management at many German universities and technical colleges. Each university has a different focus. These are reflected in the names of the courses. There are, for example, subjects such as business administration and consumer goods retailing or international fashion retail.

Some universities also offer a dual degree in retail management. These programs combine a training as a merchant or as a business with a bachelor degree.


In the bachelor’s degree, students are brought closer to the business and economic fundamentals of trade. The curriculum includes subjects such as accounting, project management and marketing .

In later semesters, the focus shifts to the specifics of the retail industry . The students analyze consumer behavior, deal with logistical challenges and calculate range sizes and prices. Depending on the focus of the course, there are other topics such as e-commerce, sustainability or international business administration .


A master’s degree in retail management is particularly interesting for students who are striving for a management position. A large part of the master’s programs aims to deepen the knowledge acquired in the bachelor’s degree and to enter specific subject areas more intensively. Each university has a different focus , including publishing and trade management or business law .

Requirements for a commercial management degree

Prospective traders should of course be interested in economic issues. Mathematics is an indispensable part of the course.

A good knowledge of the international business language English is also often required by universities , especially in subjects such as international trade management.

Areas of application for graduates

After their studies, academically trained business people have access to the whole world of trade. Many work in companies in the wholesale and retail trade. They often hold leading positions. As a branch manager or regional manager, you organize the entire operation or take care of work areas such as personnel , sales, logistics , marketing or advertising.

Reasons for studying abroad

Especially in globally expanding companies or export-oriented retailers, retail managers need not only technical know-how, but also foreign language skills and intercultural skills .

One or two semesters abroad can have a positive effect on the chances of success in later applications. During their stay abroad, students have the opportunity to improve their language skills and get to know other cultures. In addition, studying abroad shows commitment, initiative and independence .

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