Study Vehicle Technology Abroad

Germany is considered a car country. Golf and the C-Class are indispensable on the streets. The automotive industry is a leading industry. Indispensable in the development of new cars, but also in the development of trucks, rail-bound vehicles and work machines: the vehicle technician.

Diverse perspectives in the automotive engineering industry

No matter what type of vehicle it is ultimately about; Vehicle technology engineers are involved in the development from start to finish . First, they create a concept based on the client’s wishes. Then they plan the individual components such as the engine, manual transmission or body.

According to top-engineering-schools, tasks such as intelligent electronic systems that increase the safety and user-friendliness of the vehicles play an important role. Vehicle technicians also monitor the production of the vehicles they have designed and check the quality of the end product.

How does a degree in automotive engineering prepare you for the world of work?

In order to be prepared for all these tasks, a degree in vehicle technology is necessary. This course belongs to the large area of ​​engineering and, more precisely, to the area of ​​mechanical engineering . In addition to knowledge of mechanical engineering, the fields of electronics, electrical engineering and information technology play an essential role in the course.

Vehicle technology is offered as an independent course at many universities and technical colleges . At some universities you can also take the subject as a major in mechanical engineering.

The bachelor’s degree

At the beginning of the bachelor’s degree, the basics of engineering also include mathematics , electrical engineering, computer science and physics . Students develop specialist knowledge in subjects such as vehicle development or engineering.

In the further course of their studies, the students get to know various vehicle components better. It is also possible to set a focus : For example on design or construction and development. In addition, subjects such as project management , quality assurance and English are also on the curriculum.

The master’s degree

Anyone aiming for managerial positions or a career in the scientific field should add a master’s degree to their bachelor’s degree. In this, the knowledge from the bachelor’s degree is deepened and there is the possibility to specialize further in a certain focus. Among other things, topics such as vehicle safety or body technology are offered .

Career prospects for vehicle technicians

The automotive industry is one of the leading branches of industry in Germany . The demand for well-trained employees is great, and the career prospects for graduates are correspondingly good.

Classic employers

Employers are, for example, the large automobile manufacturers, but also companies from the entire supplier industry . The areas of responsibility of vehicle technicians are varied, planning and designing new cars, monitoring assembly and production, ensuring compliance with quality standards or working in marketing and sales.

But not only the automotive industry offers exciting fields of activity. Vehicle technicians are also at transport companies hired as the various railway operators and create new rail vehicles there. The construction of machines and special vehicles for agriculture and forestry or for construction companies can represent further areas of activity.

Alternative employers

Vehicle technicians are not only employed in large companies, but can also set up their own engineering or appraisal office . Public authorities, monitoring associations and research institutions are other possible employers. A scientific career at the university is also an option, especially for master’s graduates.

Study vehicle technology globally

The vehicle industry is one of the strongest export sectors in Germany . Many companies also work internationally and produce some of their vehicles abroad. For employers, the ability to work in an international team is a big plus.

It is advisable to take one or more semesters abroad during your studies in order to improve your language skills and intercultural skills. In addition, studying abroad can help already at an early stage an international network to build and establish contacts with future employers.

Study Vehicle Technology