Test Accessory Iphone: The Iphone Prima Case

The iPhone is a great phone that deserves to be used without protection to take advantage of its small size and its excellent grip. 

For this, there are covers type sleeve to hold on to the belt such as Prima tested today on iPhon.fr. A first test of a series of iPhone accessories test that I hope long and useful for those who looking for their precious iPhone accessories.

Reception and first impressions

The cover comes in a double protective packaging. Cardboard exterior and Interior packaging marked Prima in terms of packaging. Once out, the case Prima appears immediately as a quality product. Leather offers absolutely no marks, it is thick and the seams are impeccable.

A small Prima logo is calories in front, clearly pressed into the leather.
The inside of the Holster offers him a very fine velour that will host your machine without no risk of scratches and fluff that would be deposited on the screen (already there is the finger marks!).

Click on the link below to access the test suite

This type of case is its usefulness to the waistband of the pants. For this, a bracket rear, non-removable, is proposed.

It is practical in the sense or it does not require wearing a belt but clings directly at the top of the pants. The immediate fear for this type of grip is obvious: what the case will not detach when looking or when you stick the case ? I’ll be categorical: no risk of the product proposed by Prima. This is from the metal clamp, completely sheathed in leather, which is extremely tight, sometimes even a little difficult to put on, although it is annoying… and it is so safe that it is more an advantage than a disadvantage for me.
The iPhone go fine in the case, storage is extremely quickly… Thus, the case is cut with three to four millimetres of margin compared to the iPhone, this in all its dimensions.

Suddenly the phone floats a little inside. Asked about this, Prima confirms that it is voluntary for this type of case, in order to facilitate the handling of the machine. This last is also facilitated by a hole at the base of the cover to be able to push the iPhone by below. Despite this, taking in hand remains sometimes a bit tricky, the iPhone is slippery, is not the fault of the case and it should be careful not to drop the precious then dun call, for example, when one is pressed out to win.
The case closes very easily since it has a magnetic snap button, this is clearly the type of closure that I find the most effective: it’s thin and it adjusts itself. Finally, no problem inadvertent opening to deplore.

It should be noted that it is possible to “use the hands-free, cutting the cover indeed allowing its connection. The use case is nice discreet, leather won’t marked at all especially at the level of the fold and seems to want to stay like new for a long time.

The case proposed by Prima is nice, well finished and sturdy. I recommend it. The case is marketed at a price of 32,95 dollars on the website of Prima. It will add $15 shipping costs.
For those who are looking for more of a cover of protection allowing to use the iPhone without taking it out of its protection, other models are available at Prima.