Test of The “Beachbuoy” Watertight Case for Iphone

Always to stick to the season, we promised you in this article or it was testing a case sealed iPhone 4ultimately very disappointing.

As part of our testing of iPhone accessories, we wanted to see the waterproof cover made by Proporta.

This one, a lot less expensive thana watertight case dedicated iPhone 4 like the one tested herecan also adapt to different mobile phones including the iPhone and the use of a shell.

First contact

The cover hits upon receipt by its size. Indeed, she is large and can accommodate ofmobile screens much bigger than the iPhone 4, maybe even to of the iPhone 5 if it grows as mentioned here. But remain in the concrete:

The cover is sealed and certified by a body English to go up to 5 m. for this, it uses a finally enough classical solution: two successive ziplock-type closures that are found on the freezing bags and other bags chills. Everything is then folded over him even and closed by a scratch.

Woven plastic and plastic manufacturing seems quality.

A cord to hang it around your neck.


The opening is done easily defeats the scratch, then the two zip and you can insert the iPhone in the Pocket. Good closing of all, essential to ensure the seal is guided by inscriptions in English: close the first zip, then the second, then fold the whole to remove two red markers, scratch and it is packed.

It is recommended to do a leak test with a sheet of paper beforehand, what we did, no problem to deplore.

The iPhone once in the Pocket is accessible through the transparent plastic, good news,the touch is not altered and tactile features are always available. On the other hand, what the buttons other than the one located in front before, it’s more problematic or even impossible.

The advantage of this package, c is not the case for all, is to have two transparent facesand here you see me coming: take pictures or movies with your feet in the water without fear of escaping the iPhone or take a big wave becomes possible. Better yet you can try photos and videos underwater, even if it becomes always more difficult to manipulate a touch screen under the water. But it is possible with this Holster.

Here is a video made on top then in water to show that shooting is still good:

In practice (not hours and shallow, pool), there was no water inlets and the iPhone came out dry.


While more complex and much more expensive solution to make its waterproof iPhone, it has the merit of simplicity. In addition, you will leave your iPhone from your protection at a glance and can even use it with your usual protection. A very interesting solution in the end for use in boat, kayak, sea and at low depth.

It is sold here less than 20 euros.