The Best MBA Concentrations in the World

As the world becomes more complex, provides labor market priority to people with a specialized training, which is able to do advanced specific jobs. What applies to doctors and engineers also applies to the MBA. Bloomberg BusinessWeek, one of the most prestigious business magazines, identifies only four MBA concentrations as the most promising of about a dozen possible business specializations.  See LIUXERS.COM for federal school codes in Michigan.

Finance and Investment Banking

Investment bankers and financiers are among the highest paid professionals in the United States according to A concentration on financial and investment banking require MBA students to take courses in corporate finance, accounting, investment banking, fixed income securities and securities trading. The schools with the best finance MBA programs include the University of Chicago, Columbia University, Duke University and Harvard University.

Management and Management Consulting

A concentration in leadership and management consultancy has been the traditional specialization of MBA students. In fact, Master of Business Administration degree literally involves a specialization in managing a business. Management consultants rival investment banks as the most highly remunerated professionals. The courses students who have a concentration in leadership and management consulting take include Business Economics, strategy and operation. The best schools with a concentration in leadership and management consulting, among other things. Columbia University, Harvard University, the University of Michigan, Northwestern University and the University of Pennsylvania.


An MBA concentration in marketing allows the individual to pursue a career in public relations, or PR; market research; advertising; promotion; and general marketing. Students with a marketing concentration camps courses of study such as behavioral economics, public relations, corporate and social responsibility, of course, advertising and marketing. The best schools include the University of California at Berkeley, the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Virginia.


Concentration in entrepreneurship not only teaches students how to start a business, but also prepares them for a career in the venture industry. Students learn how a company is set up, and what it needs to grow. The best schools for an MBA with a concentration in entrepreneurship includes Babson College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Pennsylvania and Stanford University.