The Major Update of PokéMon GO Is Already in Google Play, and These Are All The News

The Major Update of PokéMon GO Is Already in Google Play, and These Are All The News

May 20, 2017 Mobile and Phone 0

Pokemon GO may not pass through their peak of popularity, Niantic apparently is finally putting all eggs in one basket, or rather, all the pokemon. As us it announced at the beginning of the week, 80 new Pokemon they were heading to Pokemon GO. They are already here, and are not alone.

This is without a doubt the major upgrade Pokemon GO since the game saw the light in the middle of last year. Among the novelties are the pokemon of different sex, new types of berries, a new interface during battles, many more options of customization of your coach, more pokemon and, of course, minor text corrections.

More Pokemon

Tired of Ratatas and Pidgeys? 80 new Pokémon in the Johto region joined the adventure, potentially increasing the diversity of creatures you’ll find on your way. Personally I have not had problems to find many of these Pokemon in my surroundings, but the result may vary.

Your Pokédex will continue marking 150 pokemon until caces your first creature of second generation. At that time the number of entries increases until the number 198 and you can see where they are located as previous pokemon evolutions

More avatar customization

So far Pokémon GO let you customize the look of your coach… slightly. Pokemon GO 0.57.2 enters the new millennium of the avatars and let you customize much greater detail. That Yes, some elements will cost you coins.

You can now change hat, glasses, tops, backpacks (which now do without), gloves, pants, socks, shoes, hair color, eye color and skin tone. If you want, You can go barefoot the world.

More berries

Do all the pokemon, escape you although you give them to eat delicious berries? Maybe you were using the wrong food! Pokémon GO now includes two new types of berries, that you can’t buy in the store so you have to wait to get them in a pokeparada.

More types of pokemon

Are you a boy or a girl? Now you have to ask yourself the same whenever you catch a pokemon, because creatures now have sex: male or female. You can find this information on the tab of each, marked with an icon at the top.

New interface

The Pokémon GO interface It has been polished in some respects, especially to avoid the unnecessary touches. The most obvious changes are during the battles, where now is located at each corner a button to change the type of pokeball, one to change the type of Berry, one to activate the mode of augmented reality and another to flee.

The offer is completed with a new night map, a new soundtrack during the battles, better connectivity with Apple Watch, corrections and minor text corrections. If you were thinking of returning to play Pokémon GO, this is probably the opportunity you were waiting for.

Pokemon GO0.57.2

  • Version of Android: from 4.4
  • Developer: Niantic, Inc.
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Adventure