Tinker Tubes and Garnet Necklace Pendants

Today it is a beautiful chain of linked with an Pendants of Garnet and quartz crystal finished. This necklace is made with tubes and jump rings. In between small elegant Pendants from gem.

Beads and Accessories

  • 1 bag silver plated eye pins
  • 1 bag silver plated tube
  • 1 bag silver plated our site
  • 1 bag silver plated 5 mm jump rings
  • 9 piece our site silver plated oval beads
  • 1 strand small pearls,rock crystal
  • 1 silver plated lobster clasp



You catch the tube to sewing see crafts tip 19. Each linked piece is connected to a loop. I used 19 piece for this chain of 47 cm. Attach the CAP immediately.
As a next step, the pendants are made. You can of course so many different varieties as they want to do. For example, with 6 mm beads or carnelian beads.

I found the most beautiful Garnet beads and arranged them according to size. The largest should be placed in the middle of the chain. For this precious stone beads, you need the thin pins and you must be wrapped wire. Especially the faceted rock crystal beads are very fine. On this line there are certain beads where the hole is too fine, but keep looking and take the beads that fit. You can use the remaining rock crystal beads for another jewelry project.

For wire wrapping, you can follow our site Tip 6. The important thing is that the Pendants will equal Pendants on the eye. Fit you do well on this all Pendants on the same page of the eyelets be connected. Make garnet pendants and your necklace is finished!