Top 10 Countries That Produce The Most Steel

Did you know that steel can be as much as a thousand times stronger than iron (of which it is made)? In addition, it can be used for the production of a wide variety of products – from kitchen scissors to a large building. It is therefore not surprising that it is one of the world’s most essential metals. Worldwide, no less than 1,951.9 million tons of steel will be produced in 2021. But by whom exactly? Below you will find the 10 countries with the largest steel production in 2021. See countryaah for all countries in the world and their capitals.

10. Iran

28.5 million tons

It is difficult to imagine that Iran, with no less than 28.5 million tons, is ‘only’ at number ten. It is also difficult to imagine that only fifteen years ago the country produced ‘only’ 10 million tons of steel per year. A hugely growing industry in this country. Large companies such as Khorasan Steel and Esfahan Steel Company are located in Iran.

9. Brazil

36.2 million tons

Brazil has had a stable steel production of around 30 million tons per year for the past twelve years. The year 2021 was an outlier with a production of no less than 36.2 million tons. The country is a major exporter of steel. And it looks like steel production in the country will grow much more; as much as 10 billion has recently been invested in the Brazilian steel industry.

8. Germany


40.1 million tons

The steel industry is vital to the German economy, providing jobs for as many as 83,000 people in the country. Germany is also the fifth largest steel exporter. Domestic demand for steel is particularly strong in the metalworking, automotive and construction sectors.

7. Turkey

40.4 million tons

Turkey has experienced unprecedented growth in the steel industry. Within just two decades, steel production has grown from 14 million tons to about 40 million tons. Turkey is number six – just below Germany – when it comes to steel exports. However, steel exports make up as much as 10% of the country’s total industrial exports.

6. South Korea

70.4 million tons

Huge companies like Hyundai Steel and POSCO are based in South Korea. It is therefore not surprising that steel production in the country is so high, and has been for decades. It is seen as an essential industry for the development of the country. It is used in various local industries, such as the automotive industry, the construction industry and shipbuilding. South Korea also exports a lot of steel to countries such as Japan and China.

5. Russia

75.6 million tons

Although the situation in Russia has changed since the war, in 2021 they were a huge producer and exporter of steel. Sanctions from the European Union, among others, have reduced the country’s exports considerably, resulting in an increase in excise duties on various steel products in the country.

4. United States

United States

85.8 million tons

The United States is known for its advanced production processes in the steel industry, which enable it to produce a lot of good quality steel. The steel industry already reached its peak in the 1990s. Since then, steel production has remained fairly stable.

3. Japan

96.3 million tons

Japan, like the United States, has advanced manufacturing processes for their steel and is known for making high-quality steel. In addition, processes are used that increase the quality of steel while reducing emissions, which has made Japanese steel very popular.

2. India

118.2 million tons

India recently knocked Japan out of second place in steel production. There is a lot of investment in the steel industry by both the government and private companies. The steel industry has existed in India for a long time and is an important part of the economy.

1. China


1032.8 million tons

Less than twenty years ago, China was quite low in the list of steel production, but production has increased enormously in recent years. In total, China produces no less than 53% of all steel in the world, more than all other countries combined!