Transportation in Kaunas

Kaunas is a surprisingly big city in the sense that the distances are quite long, but a normal holidaymaker does not move there much and can cope with the trip without bus or taxi trips. The specialties of Kaunas are two funiculars, one of which may be necessary for some and at least for families with children it is a good pastime to move uphill or downhill.


The Old Town of Kaunas is a place to get some walking, but it is not the easiest place to walk due to the cobblestones. There is a nice knock on both the main street (Vilniaus gatvė) and the side streets, and for most of the year there is a good peaceful atmosphere that makes the walks enjoyable.

The large park area at the end of the old town is a place where you can also walk in good weather, and from the old town it is worth moving along the underpass along the main street to new parts of the city. There will be against the presidential palace after a new side of Park Avenue (Laisvės), along which there is everything possible and by area: there are blocks, which is worth the time to explore.

The Old Town or Laisvės Alėja and its surrounding quarters are difficult to explore other than on foot. Of course, one can think of walking around the bus station and returning from there to the old town by taxi or bus, but even then the walk comes with a mile.

If you want to explore both the old town and the newer parts, you should not book accommodation in the wigs of the old town, but rather on the new side of the city, moderately close to the old town. In this way, in a couple of three days, you can get to know everything possible without having to bother with a taxi or public transport.

The Old Town of Kaunas

Public transport: buses

KVT is a transport company in Kaunas, and it has several bus and trolleybus lines. They are relatively easy to move around, but they do not go to the old town but to the square next to it.

You can get a ticket for buses in euros for a flat fee from the driver. If you plan to use the public in Kaunas continuously, you can buy a card priced at one and a half euros from Narvesen kiosks, where you can load a three-day card for just over five euros or a weekly card for ten. The third option is an app that can be downloaded to a phone or tablet, and with it, the person buying their ticket costs only 0.70 euros for it.

If you want to use buses, it may make sense to download the Trafi app to your phone or tablet , which is available on the website.

Information on Kaunas public transport is also available from Visit Kaunas.


There are a lot of vague taxis in Kaunas that you shouldn’t just get around, and the most sensible thing is to use taxis that read Bolt. It is worthwhile to download the Bolt app on your phone or tablet before the trip, and it gives a discount of 7 euros for the first ride. The trips are very reasonably priced, and getting around by taxi in Kaunas is cheaper than going by bus in Finland.



There are two funiculars in Kaunas: Žaliakalnis and Aleksotas. They are fast rides that can go uphill or downhill, and they are real freaks in their field, as they have been in constant use for longer than many other European funiculars. They have an affordable move, and families with children in particular are happy to spend a couple of minutes on their ride.

Cycling and bike rental

Cycling and bike rental

Although Kaunas is quite south of Finland, the cycling season is not much longer and there is often heavy rain in the summer. With good luck on the bike, however, you can see everything possible in a couple of days, and there is no need to get from one place to another. The best cycling rides are expected between early May and mid-September.

The old town is not comfortable to cycle due to the cobbled streets, and the best is to cycle on the riverbanks and also in the large park area at the end of the old town. There is quite a bit of traffic in the new parts of the city, but if you go cycling there on a summer weekend, there is little traffic.

The bike can be rented from a few places. For example, Babilonas organizes guided cycling tours and rents bikes . Drivatis also rents bikes.

There are also city bikes in Kaunas that can be used for some kind of trips. They are run by Citybee , which also has electric kickboards and multi-person shared cars.

Motoring and car rental

You can come to Kaunas by car, in which case it is worthwhile to look at an accommodation with parking spaces. They are both in the old town and elsewhere in the city.

Car parking in Kaunas is awkward in the sense that there are five parking zones, all with different hourly rates. There are different taxis at different times, and the best thing is to just park your car at the accommodation and move around Kaunas, mainly on foot. If you like cars everywhere, you should check out the parking spaces and zones on the website .

If you like cars in Lithuania, you should read the rules at Auto Europe . Through the pages must also rented a car, but it is also possible Car rental list .