Tulane University A.B. Freeman School of Business PhD Program

Tulane University A.B. Freeman School of Business is among the 132 graduate business programs that provide Doctoral degree in Business Administration. As one of the top rated higher education institute located in New Orleans, Louisiana, the Tulane University offers PhD Program through A.B. Freeman School of Business. This page details GMAT requirements, types of degree offered, concentrations, and financial costs of Tulane University A.B. Freeman School of Business PhD Program. See LIUXERS.COM for federal school codes in Maryland.

PhD Program (More than 2 years)

Program Detail

Program Name PhD Program
Program Overview
Areas of Study
  • Finance
  • General Management
Joint Degree Offered No
Delivery Format Classroom
GMAT Score GMAT Accepted – Check with topschoolsintheusa.com for testing locations of GMAT in the state of Louisiana.
Tuition & Fees Contact program for tuition and fees
Financial Aid Availability No
Start Dates &
Application Deadlines
Start Date Application Date
Upcoming Events
Program Size
Work Experience
Employment Information
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Legal Issues in HRM: Discrimination and Termination

The legal environment has become a critical external influence on human resource management with legal considerations constituting a major force in shaping human resource policies and strategies. All managers, and HRM managers in particular, need to be familiar with the basic laws that impact upon the employment relationship. The course covers two primary areas: equal employment opportunity (anti-discrimination) law and issues related to the process of termination. The course prepares students to

  • gain working knowledge of the complex array of employment-related laws and regulations
  • better design human resource systems that insure the organization is in compliance with the regulatory framework
  • work more effectively with corporate counsel and outside attorneys in both preventing legal violations from occurring and resolving them satisfactorily when they do.

(This course is a complementary course to ‘Legal Issues in HRM: Health, Family, and Privacy’. Each covers areas not covered in the other and can be taken independently.)

  1. Anti-Discrimination Law
    1. Title VII (including)
      • Civil Rights Act of 1991
      • Affirmative action
      • Sexual harassment
      • Diversity
      • Glass ceiling
    2. Age Discrimination
    3. Homosexual discrimination
  2. Termination Issues
    1. Employment-at-will
    2. Covenants not to compete
    3. Defamation and other torts issues
    4. Worker notification
    5. Mediation/arbitration
    6. Model act legislation