University of Melbourne Reviews

It was already clear to me during my dual studies at DHBW Mannheim that I would like to do a master’s degree after my bachelor ’s degree, preferably in another country. After a few master’s fairs and my own research, I came across MicroEDU and got in touch directly.

Here I received top advice and support in my application process, so that my dream of studying for a Masters in Melbourne at the renowned University of Melbourne has come true. So I quit my job on December 31, 2017 and started packing my bags.

Getting there

On January 26th, 2018, almost a month before the start of my studies, I landed in the city that I can proudly call home today, Melbourne. I used a month of “free time” before studying to make first contacts, explore Melbourne and look for a flat share. I would advise anyone who does not want to pay the horrific prices of the student dormitories, which are by the way not really nice, to plan a good month for looking for an apartment, as it is teeming with students looking for accommodation at the beginning of the semester.

After 3 weeks in the hostel (or on the couch of a friend) and full of apartment tours, I was finally able to find a nice 3-person flat-share looking for a fourth flatmate. And so I was finally able to move into my own room.

The university time started for me with the “International O-Week” (which turned out mainly for Study Abroad students), which got us in the mood for life in Melbourne and Australia with a scavenger hunt, pub crawl and surf course. This was followed by the official O-Week, which consisted more of workshops and refresher courses.

Nevertheless, I can only recommend attending these events, as you can immediately make friends and make friends. So I was able to start the Master’s adventure with a large, diverse circle of friends.

The University of Melbourne

From the DHBW to a “normal” university it is a certain change. Choosing my own subjects and drawing up my lecture schedule had some advantages, however, and so I only had lectures on 3 days in both semesters. The type of lectures is also very different from what I was used to before. In my first semester I took 4 core subjects, i. e. compulsory subjects, which usually consist of a 1. 5 hour lecture and a 1. 5 hour workshop or a 3 hour lecture.

According to answerresume, the level of the University of Melbourne is a lot higher than that of the DHBW Mannheim, and mid-terms or assignments force you to stay on the ball even during the semester. But to claim that you have to study constantly throughout the semester would of course be a lie. If you want to do it like me, you can also have a very relaxed semester, which is interrupted by short-term panic learning weeks.

Dream city Melbourne

Life in Melbourne is really wonderful. The city is very diverse, beautiful and multicultural. Every district here has its own charm, you will find student districts, artists’ districts, beach districts and so on. Even after a year in this city, I would say there is still a lot to discover. Some of my favorite places are the Shrine of Remembrance (best place for sunrise / sunset with city views), Docklands (waterfront) and St. Kilda for a cozy beer in a beach bar.

Melbourne also has a lot to offer when it comes to nightlife. So-called “hidden bars” are particularly popular here. These are bars that you don’t even notice as such at first glance or that only find them with great difficulty. So don’t be surprised if you’re in a sandwich shop and suddenly a few people come out of the freezer, it’s either a hidden bar behind the refrigerator door or you should run out of the shop as quickly as possible.

Attention nature lovers

Nature lovers will also get their money’s worth in Melbourne and the surrounding area. With countless national parks like Grampians National Park and Wilsons Promontory National Park, there are countless ways to escape the city life. And if you don’t want to miss out on winter sports, you can even go skiing or snowboarding on Mt. Buller in June / July. So you don’t have to do without anything.

All in all, I can say that I have not regretted the decision to do my Masters in Melbourne, far away from family and friends. The city is beautiful, the people are open and friendly, and the university is challenging but doable. I can only recommend doing it to anyone who is thinking of doing their Masters, Bachelor or Study Abroad. There is no way you will regret it.

University of Melbourne Reviews