University of New Brunswick Reviews


I started the preparations relatively early, which turned out to be very useful. You have to translate the course descriptions into English for all events that you have previously attended and have this confirmed by the department. In addition, the Abitur certificate must be translated into English. I had this done by the translation agency listed on MicroEDU as I found this to be the cheapest. I partially financed my tuition fees and travel expenses (as I didn’t get BAFöG) through a DAAD scholarship. I can only advise you to apply there in any case, even if your grades are not all that great. The DAAD attaches great importance to your letter of motivation. You also have the advantage that the stay, if it was not organized through the university, is considered self-organized, which considerably increases your chances of being selected for the scholarship.

After UNB Fredericton accepted, I found the seminars I wanted to attend online, discussed them with the lecturers, and then registered. MicroEDU was a huge help with the preparations, as they can help you with any questions and also contact the university in Canada at any time to obtain specific information.


I booked the flight with statravel (840 euros including insurance). The only disadvantage was that both the outward flight and the return flight went through two other airports and the return flight in particular was very exhausting because of the long waiting times. There are no direct flights from Germany to Fredericton, as the airport there is very small. So you definitely have to change either in Montreal or Toronto. I booked a return flight together as it was much cheaper than booking just one flight. You have to make sure that you book the flight in any case after the end of the exam period, as you cannot rely on the fact that you will not be assigned the last date for an exam on the last day (which was the case with me).

Search for accommodation

The search for the accommodation turned out to be a bit difficult, as we initially thought that we (I was there with my boyfriend) could stay at the Hi Hostel for the 4 months. After the first night there, that assumption was done, because this hostel was the worst I have ever stayed in (and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone). If you can afford it, one of the student residences on campus is definitely great (although they are relatively expensive). Otherwise, I would advise looking for an apartment from Germany (kijiji. ca, the local website) or arriving earlier. For the transition period I can highly recommend the Abbyglen Riverfront B&B.


You should get in touch with the university as soon as you arrive, as they will help you very well. You get information about what to do next and you should also take part in the introductory events (all of which are free of charge, of course), as you get to know the university quickly (for example on university and library tours) and meet new people. Overall, everyone is very helpful and nobody cares if you ask a lot of questions. If you are going to the university for the first time, the best thing to do is to take a taxi and tell the taxi driver where exactly you want to go, as the campus area is very large.


I study English and German on teaching, but have occupied at the UNB only English courses. In general, you can attend all events, so I attended a seminar on International Literature, which turned out to be very interesting. The seminars are a lot of fun because they take place an hour several times a week. So you can get to know new people relatively quickly. In addition, the lecturers remember every single first name, which makes the whole thing much more personal than in Germany. The lecturers demand a lot, but are also happy to help. Overall, a lot of smaller work is required in between, which means that you have to work a little continuously and only have to repeat at the end for the final exam. If you take several literature seminars, you should start reading some of the literature in Germany so that you have time for other things in Fredericton. I had a lot of fun studying there because of the personal and friendly atmosphere.

Uni: Offers for the students

Also known as University of New Brunswick according to answerresume, the UNB attaches great importance to offering students a wide range of events. There are always parties and the Student Union Building houses the social club and the cellar pub, where you can drink alcohol relatively cheaply (by Canadian standards). There are various excursion offers for international students so that you can get to know the area. There is also the German club, which for example organizes the Oktoberfest, baking cookies and film evenings. There are several bars and clubs in Fredericton, but these are more expensive than the offers at the university. In general, groceries are a little more expensive than in Germany, which is why you should use offers such as 10% at Sobeys on Tuesdays for students. Canadian alcohol is really expensive, and you should definitely not take it openly on the street, as you get a fine for it. In the mall you can go shopping (best reached by bus or taxi).

Excursions (rent a car, excursion destinations, etc. )

In Canada you can rent a car and drive around the country very easily and cheaply. Petrol is very cheap, which is why driving is often cheaper than flying. Due to the holidays and a few missed hours, you can visit Halifax, Hopewell Rocks, St. Andrews (for whale watching), Prince Edward Island, Montreal, Cape Breton Island and the USA on several extended weekends, as Fredericton is exactly in the middle. The excursions are fantastic and with a car you are more free and see a lot of the country. The cheapest car rental is National Rent a Car. If you want to go to the USA, you should know the exact address of the accommodation there beforehand and have 5 American dollars in cash with you, otherwise you can run into problems at the border. A trip to Boston is very worthwhile, especially since you can buy much cheaper in the USA (which is a great advantage if you want to fully equip yourself for the Canadian winter)!

The Canadians

Overall, I got to know the Canadians as very nice, polite and relaxed people who are very friendly towards the Germans. It’s easy to get into conversation with them and quickly get to know a lot of great people.


I would go back to Fredericton at the UNB anytime, as the time I spent there was great and the people I met are fantastic. Should you decide for the UNB, enjoy your time there, because it goes by faster than you can imagine! For me it was one of the best events of my life!

University of New Brunswick Reviews