US 15, 2 and 20 in New York

US 15 in New York

US 15
Get started Lindley
End Painted Post
Length 12 mi
Length 20 km




According to bestitude, US 15 is a US highway and freeway in the US state of New York. The road forms a short north-south connection in the western part of the state, from the Pennsylvania border to Interstate 86 at Painted Post. The road used to run as far as Rochester but was shortened at the time. The road is double numbered with Interstate 99 running its entire length.


US 15 was created in 1926, but was not extended northward into New York state until 1939, until Rochester. In 1974, US 15 was shortened again to I-86 at Painted Post. In 1995, US 15 was established as part of future Interstate 99. The northern section between Presho and I-86 was upgraded to a freeway in the 1980s or earlier. In about 2009 the highway opened near the Pennsylvania border. On October 8, 2013, the remaining 5 miles between Corning and Lindley opened at the Pennsylvania border. Since June 27, 2014, US 15 is double-numbered with Interstate 99.

Traffic intensities

13,400 vehicles drive daily on the Pennsylvania border, rising to 22,200 vehicles at the junction with I-86 near Corning.

US 2 in New York

US 2
Get started Rouses Point
End Rouses Point
Length 1 mi
Length 1 km
Rouses PointVermont

The US 2 is a very short US Highway in the US state of New York. The road is only 1,400 meters long and begins at US 9 at Rouses Point, one kilometer south of the Canadian border, and then crosses a bridge over Lake Champlain. Halfway across the bridge is the state border with Vermont.

US 20 in New York

US 20
Get started State Line
End New Lebanon
Length 372 mi
Length 599 km







Seneca Falls





Richfield Springs





According to biotionary, US 20 is a US Highway in the US state of New York. The road forms an east-west route across the state, running from the state line at the Pennsylvania border through Buffalo and Albany to the Massachusetts border at New Lebanon. The route runs roughly parallel to Interstate 90. At 599 kilometers in length, it is the longest road on the secondary road network in the state.

Travel directions

US 20 near Alexander in Western New York.

Western New York & Buffalo

US 20 in Pennsylvania enters the state at the hamlet of State Line and runs parallel to Interstate 90. The road runs just a few miles from Lake Erie. You pass Fredonia, then the road crosses I-90 to walk on the north side of it. The road runs along a slightly urbanized corridor along Lake Erie, and in Hamburg, a southern suburb of Buffalo, crosses US 62, coming from Jamestown, Interstate 90 and the highway US 219coming from Salamanca. The road does not pass through Buffalo itself, but forms a bypass of sorts to the south and east of it and is largely four-lane. At Lancaster the road turns east and then straight for about 90 kilometers. This part of New York is rolling and has relatively few forests. The road bypasses most larger towns, such as Batavia and Rochester. At East Avon one crosses Interstate 390, the highway from Rochester to Elmira. One then reaches the “Finger Lakes Region”, an area of ‚Äč‚Äčelongated lakes that look like fingers on the map. In the town of Canandaigua you pass the lake of the same name, after which you pass the Seneca Lake at Geneva. Then follows the town of Waterloo and at Seneca Falls you pass Cayuga Lake.

Eastern New York & Albany

At the larger town of Auburn you pass Owasco Lake, followed by Skaneateles Lake. The road does not pass through the city of Syracuse, but passes just south of it, crossing Interstate 81 and US 11 at Lafayette. After that, the area becomes a bit more hilly, these are the foothills of the Catskill Mountains. The road is four-lane here and there, but it doesn’t pass through larger towns, the I-90 that runs further north does, with towns such as Oneida and Utica. At Duanesburg one then crosses Interstate 88, the highway from Binghamton to Schenectady. The road then heads south of Schenectady, then crosses Interstate 87 to enter the state capital, come. The road continues on highway SR-85 and then continues through downtown, where it intersects with US 9. It then crosses Interstate 787 through a turbine interchange, after which the road crosses the Hudson River. The road is then double-numbered with US 9. At East Greenbush US 4 begins, the road north to Vermont. They then cross Interstate 90 for the last time, after which US 9 turns south towards New York. The road then runs through hilly terrain to the Massachusetts border at New Lebanon. The US 20 in Massachusetts then continues toSpringfield.


US 20 was created in 1926. The route in New York has not changed substantially, but between Buffalo and south of Rochester the US 20 does have an alternate route just south of the main route. US 20’s importance declined sharply from the 1950s after Interstate 90 was built in New York. The first section of this opened in 1954 and the route was largely completed in the late 1950s, although some sections were opened much later. I-90 has only been an alternative to US 20 since 1977.

US 20 in New York