Vienna Travel Guide

With a central location in Europe and as the capital of Austria, according to Abbreviation Finder, the city of Vienna has played an important role for many centuries. Much of this is well preserved through buildings and monuments, making Vienna a favorite tourist destination for tourists from all over the world. In total, almost 20 million tourists visit Austria every year, and a large proportion of these visit Vienna to see their famous palaces and cathedrals.

With almost 1.9 million inhabitants, Vienna is a big city. The central location in Europe makes the city an important hub for everything from politics to transport and trade. As an inland village, the summers can be quite hot, so many tourists choose to travel here in late spring or early autumn. No matter when you travel, you can be sure that you will have a pleasant and varied stay in one of the nicest capitals in Europe.

Recommended hotels in Vienna

  • Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna-When you look at the façade of this hotel, you quickly realize that this is a stylish, classic and exclusive hotel. Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna is a luxurious and elegant hotel with five stars centrally located in Vienna. Not among the cheapest hotels in Vienna, but here you stay in style. The hotel has a full service spa, 2 bars and 2 restaurants, a health club, an indoor swimming pool and not least a lovely breakfast.
  • Sans Souci Vienna- Elegant and stately hotel with a central location right near the Volkstheater. If you make high demands on the hotels you stay at, this is certainly the choice. Five stars and high class in everything from rooms and food to service.
  • Ruby Lissi Hotel ViennaIf you want to stay relatively affordable but good, you should take a closer look at this hotel. This hotel is considerably cheaper than the other two hotels, but it is not a bad option at all because if. The hotel has a central and nice location right in the center of Vienna. Stylish and elegant hotel that gives you great value for money!

Travel to Vienna

Getting to Vienna is seldom a problem, as for large parts of the year – and especially in the summer – there are direct flights from Oslo Airport. The flight takes just over two hours, and you can get relatively cheap tickets. Austria and Vienna are members of the EU, and consequently have the euro as their official currency. At the time of writing, one euro corresponds to just over eight Norwegian kroner.

Compared to many other European capitals, and many of the cities in neighboring Germany, Vienna may seem a bit cheaper. Around the most central tourist areas, prices have naturally skyrocketed, but you can both eat and live cheaply if you visit a little more central restaurants and nightclubs. Drinking tap water is no problem, and Vienna is considered a city where tourists can travel safely and calmly, as long as you make normal reservations.

Hotels and restaurants in Vienna

In the downtown area there are very many hotels with a high standard, but the prices are of course higher than outside the smørøy itself. Here the price level is on a par with other European capitals, so if you want to stay cheap, you have to choose a worse location. The center of Vienna where most tourists travel is within the Ringstrasse, where most of the sights and attractions are located.

What traditional dish have you heard of from Austrian cuisine? Probably none, and the local food here is typical of meat dishes with a lot of fatty side dishes as they are served in most Eastern European countries. There are also plenty of simpler eateries and stalls here, while the international cuisine has of course also made its entrance in Vienna. A little outside the city center, it is also very cheap to eat your fill!

Attractions in Vienna

Most people who visit Vienna do so to get a taste of the rich history that the city offers through both churches, castle buildings and museums. An eldorado for culture and history enthusiasts in other words!

The castles of Vienna


The most famous buildings and most popular tourist attractions in Vienna are the two castles. The first is called the Schönbrunn Palace, and is a giant castle complex with everything from fountains, parks, statues and even a small zoo. The other is called Belvedere Palace, and was built in the 18th century. It is now home to one of the largest art exhibitions in the world, and definitely worth a look especially on the outside.

St. Stephens-katedralen

St. Stephens-katedralen

The cathedral named after Sant Stephens is one of the city’s most popular and proudest buildings. It stands on the ruins of two earlier masterpieces, and was completed as early as the year 1160. Since then, much has been done, and the building bears the imprint of various styles. It is now one of the most popular tourist attractions in Austria.

Museer in Vienna

Museer in Vienna

Vienna has a lot to offer for museum goers. If you have a taste for Mozart, then a visit to the Mozart House will be very interesting. The city also has a Jewish museum, with rich exhibits from World War II. Also consider a visit to the Albertina Museum, which is home to over 44,000 paintings by famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Raffael and Rembrandt.

St. Charles Church

St. Charles Church

The other mighty church building in Vienna is the Church of St. Charles. It has a Baroque style, and was completed in 1737. It was built after a major epidemic that hit the city in 1713, killing more than 9,000 people.

The tower of the Danube

The tower of the Danube

If you want a good view from Vienna, you can consider a ride in the city’s own Ferris wheel. But it gets even better from the tower along the Danube River, which stretches a full 252 meters above the ground. Fortunately, the tower has a lift, which by the way takes you to a revolving restaurant where you can see all parts of the city while enjoying a better meal.