What does ADZ stand for?

Top 10 Meanings of ADZ

1. Adzcoin

Adzcoin (ADZ) is a digital cryptocurrency and blockchain-based payment system designed for online advertising and content monetization. ADZ facilitates peer-to-peer transactions, micropayments, and rewards between advertisers, publishers, and users within the Adzbuzz platform ecosystem.

2. Addis Ababa Bole International Airport

Addis Ababa Bole International Airport (ADZ) is the primary international airport serving Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. ADZ is a major hub for Ethiopian Airlines and serves as a gateway to domestic and international air travel, connecting Ethiopia with destinations across Africa and around the world.

3. Adzuki Bean

Adzuki bean (ADZ) is a type of small, red bean commonly used in Asian cuisine, particularly in East Asian and Japanese dishes. ADZ beans are versatile ingredients used in soups, stews, desserts, and savory dishes, prized for their nutty flavor, tender texture, and nutritional value.

4. Adventure Dive Zone

Adventure Dive Zone (ADZ) is a scuba diving center, resort, or facility that offers guided dive tours, training courses, and underwater excursions for divers of all experience levels. ADZ locations may feature diverse marine ecosystems, coral reefs, and underwater attractions for recreational diving and exploration.

5. Administrative Zone

Administrative Zone (ADZ) refers to a geographic area or territorial division within a country or region that serves as an administrative unit for governance, public services, and local government functions. ADZs may include districts, counties, municipalities, or administrative regions with defined boundaries and jurisdictions.

6. Android

Android (ADZ) is a mobile operating system developed by Google designed for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. ADZ is based on the Linux kernel and offers a customizable user interface, access to a wide range of apps through Google Play Store, and integration with Google services.

7. Aiding and Abetting

Aiding and abetting (ADZ) is a legal doctrine or criminal offense involving assisting, facilitating, or encouraging the commission of a crime by another person. ADZ typically requires intent and active participation in the criminal act, making the aider or abettor liable as an accomplice or accessory.

8. Adzopé

Adzopé (ADZ) is a town and commune located in Ivory Coast, West Africa. ADZ serves as a commercial and administrative center in the La Mé Region, known for its agricultural production, including cocoa, coffee, and palm oil. ADZ is home to a diverse population representing various ethnic groups.

9. Adenine

Adenine (ADZ) is one of the four nucleobases found in DNA and RNA molecules, serving as a fundamental building block of genetic material. ADZ pairs with thymine in DNA or uracil in RNA through hydrogen bonding, contributing to the genetic code and information storage in living organisms.

10. Adzio

Adzio (ADZ) is an advertising platform or marketing tool designed to help businesses create, manage, and optimize digital advertising campaigns across multiple channels and platforms. ADZ offers features such as ad targeting, campaign tracking, and performance analytics to maximize advertising ROI and effectiveness.

Other Meanings of ADZ

Meaning Description
Adventure Zone Adventure Zone (ADZ) is an entertainment complex, theme park, or recreational area offering a variety of outdoor and indoor activities, attractions, and experiences for families and visitors. ADZ may include amusement rides, games, zip lines, and adventure courses.
Adzuki Adzuki (ADZ) is a brand of automotive aftermarket parts and accessories specializing in performance tuning, customization, and styling for Japanese vehicles. ADZ products include body kits, spoilers, exhaust systems, and performance upgrades for car enthusiasts.
Adze Adze (ADZ) is a cutting tool or hand tool used in woodworking and carpentry for shaping, carving, or smoothing wood surfaces. ADZ features a curved blade set at a right angle to the handle, allowing users to remove material efficiently and create intricate designs or finishes.
Additional Zone Additional Zone (ADZ) refers to an additional designated area, space, or region allocated for specific purposes or activities within a larger geographical area, facility, or jurisdiction. ADZs may be reserved for expansion, development, or specialized use based on planning considerations.
Adult Daycare Zone Adult Daycare Zone (ADZ) is a facility or center that provides daytime care, supervision, and support services for elderly or disabled adults who require assistance with daily living activities. ADZ programs offer socialization, recreational activities, and health monitoring for participants.
Aromatic Dining Zone Aromatic Dining Zone (ADZ) is a designated area or section within a restaurant, café, or dining establishment where aromatic dishes, cuisines, or specialty foods are served. ADZs may feature open kitchens, live cooking stations, or themed menus to enhance the dining experience with flavorful aromas.
Adzima Adzima (ADZ) is a surname of Ukrainian origin, derived from the given name Adam. ADZ is a relatively common surname among Ukrainian and Eastern European populations and may be found among diaspora communities worldwide.
Adjustable Zone Adjustable Zone (ADZ) refers to a configurable area, space, or zone that can be modified, reconfigured, or adapted to accommodate different needs, requirements, or preferences based on changing circumstances or user preferences. ADZs offer flexibility and versatility in design and use.
Air Defense Zone Air Defense Zone (ADZ) is a designated airspace or territorial region established by a country or military authority for the protection of its airspace from unauthorized or hostile aircraft incursions. ADZs may include restricted or monitored areas with specific rules and regulations for air traffic control.
Adzictive Adzictive (ADZ) is a slang term or portmanteau of “advertising” and “addictive,” used to describe advertisements, marketing campaigns, or promotional content that is highly engaging, compelling, or captivating, often leading to increased consumer attention, brand recognition, or product sales.
Assembly and Disassembly Zone Assembly and Disassembly Zone (ADZ) is a designated area or workspace within a manufacturing facility, warehouse, or production line where products or components are assembled, constructed, or disassembled during manufacturing processes or maintenance operations. ADZs may feature specialized equipment and tools.

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