What does AFD stand for?

1. Automatic Fire Detection (AFD)

Description: Automatic Fire Detection (AFD) refers to a system of sensors, alarms, and monitoring devices designed to detect the presence of fire or smoke in buildings, facilities, or enclosed spaces. AFD systems use various technologies, such as smoke detectors, heat sensors, and flame detectors, to quickly identify fire hazards and alert occupants, allowing for timely evacuation and fire suppression measures.

2. Alliance For Democracy (AFD)

Description: The Alliance For Democracy (AFD) is a political organization or movement advocating for democratic principles, civil liberties, and social justice in governance and public policy. AFD promotes democratic reforms, electoral transparency, and grassroots participation in political processes to advance human rights, equality, and democratic institutions in society.

3. Acid-Free Paper (AFD)

Description: Acid-Free Paper (AFD) is a type of paper manufactured with a neutral or alkaline pH level, free from acidic compounds or lignin that can cause degradation, discoloration, and deterioration of paper over time. AFD is used in archival and preservation applications for documents, photographs, artworks, and historical records to ensure long-term durability and preservation of cultural heritage.

4. Automatic Feed Drive (AFD)

Description: Automatic Feed Drive (AFD) is a feature or mechanism in machine tools, lathes, and industrial equipment that controls the rate and consistency of material feeding or tool movement during machining operations. AFD systems regulate feed rates, spindle speeds, and cutting parameters to optimize machining performance, precision, and surface finish in manufacturing processes.

5. Automated Fare Collection (AFD)

Description: Automated Fare Collection (AFD) is a system used in public transportation networks, such as buses, trains, and subways, to automate the collection of fares and payments from passengers. AFD systems employ electronic ticketing, contactless smart cards, or mobile payment technologies to streamline fare collection processes, reduce fraud, and improve passenger convenience and efficiency.

6. Agence Française de Développement (AFD)

Description: Agence Française de Développement (AFD) is the French Development Agency, a public financial institution and development aid organization under the supervision of the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. AFD provides funding, technical assistance, and development projects in partnership with governments, NGOs, and international organizations to support sustainable development, poverty reduction, and climate action in developing countries.

7. Alternative Fuel Definition (AFD)

Description: Alternative Fuel Definition (AFD) refers to the classification and criteria for defining alternative fuels, such as biodiesel, ethanol, hydrogen, natural gas, and electricity, as viable alternatives to conventional fossil fuels in transportation and energy sectors. AFD standards and regulations determine eligibility, emissions criteria, and incentives for alternative fuel use, promoting renewable energy sources and reducing environmental impact.

8. Anti-Fraud Device (AFD)

Description: An Anti-Fraud Device (AFD) is a security feature or technology integrated into payment terminals, credit cards, and financial systems to prevent fraudulent transactions, identity theft, and unauthorized access to financial accounts. AFDs employ encryption, biometrics, and fraud detection algorithms to verify user identities, authenticate transactions, and protect against financial fraud and cybercrime.

9. Airfield (AFD)

Description: An Airfield (AFD) is an area of land designated and prepared for the takeoff, landing, and operation of aircraft, including airports, airstrips, helipads, and military airbases. AFD facilities provide essential infrastructure, runways, taxiways, and support services for aircraft operations, air traffic control, and aviation activities, facilitating air transportation and aerial operations.

10. Anterior Fontanelle Diameter (AFD)

Description: Anterior Fontanelle Diameter (AFD) is a medical measurement used to assess the size and development of the anterior fontanelle, a soft spot or membrane-covered gap between the skull bones of newborn infants. AFD measurements are used in pediatric assessments and neonatal care to monitor intracranial pressure, brain development, and cranial abnormalities in newborns and infants.

Other 20 Meanings of AFD

Meaning Description
American Family Directory (AFD) American Family Directory (AFD) is a comprehensive directory or database containing listings and contact information for American families, households, and individuals, organized by geographic location, demographics, or interests. AFDs serve as resources for marketing, research, and community outreach initiatives targeting American households and consumers.
After Foundation Day (AFD) After Foundation Day (AFD) refers to the period following the anniversary or celebration of an organization’s establishment, founding, or inception. AFD commemorations may include events, ceremonies, or activities marking milestones, achievements, and the legacy of the organization since its founding date.
Acoustic Feedback Detection (AFD) Acoustic Feedback Detection (AFD) is a technology or feature in audio systems, amplifiers, and sound reinforcement equipment designed to identify and suppress acoustic feedback, a phenomenon caused by the loop of sound between microphones and speakers, resulting in unwanted noise, distortion, or howling sounds. AFD systems use algorithms and filters to detect and eliminate feedback frequencies in real time, improving audio quality and clarity in live performances and events.
Angiokeratoma of Fordyce (AFD) Angiokeratoma of Fordyce (AFD) is a benign skin condition characterized by the development of small, dark red or purple papules on the scrotum or vulva, caused by dilated blood vessels and superficial capillaries in the skin. AFD lesions are typically asymptomatic but may bleed or become irritated, requiring medical evaluation and treatment for cosmetic or symptomatic relief.

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