White 2016: Arrive Trend of Lace and Embroidery

White 2016: Arrive Trend of Lace and Embroidery

October 30, 2016 Fashion and Clothes 0

What gave us the White during the fashion week in Milan man? We went to take a peek to find out which trends we prepared the spring-summer 2016 all-female Key.
The fashion week in Milan man has closed down and, between a fashion show and another, we have been to the Milan salon filled with designers and new trends in the Tortona Fashion Discrict. We talk about the White and a trend, one related to embroidery and lace, to say the least widespread in both the Only Woman in the man and woman, ending the Basement, the privée underground Via Tortona, the scene of most creations experimentation.


Have the new label male in his first appearance as women’s collections on the raging market since 2009. The strength of this brand is all embroidery and patches. True security is the company that manufactures its fabrics, the Jato, the same from which come the collections of Valentino, Cavalli, Miu Miu and Givenchy, to name a few. They win the embroidery with metal wires inserted by hand in the denim, as well as the multi-colored and embroidered camouflage parka and created in collaboration with Barbed. hallmark: the originality of the leaders, who have joined a skillful tailoring techniques. In the Spring / Summer 2016 women fit you over and the colors are militarized. America and Asia the markets and, while in Europe wins the embroidered jeans and parka, in America everyone was wearing chic clothes of this brand ready to make its mark with its contemporary luxury, accessible and sophisticated at the same time.


In addition to presenting their collection at White, they were in the race, within the Time Award, for the prize which is awarded by the best international buyers. They received a special award from Elena Bugranova, President of Russian Union Buyer and not struggle to understand why. Born in Milan on the creativity of the designer Diego Dossola and each season tells a story, for women only. They initially were dedicated t-shirt collections. Today they got to produce more than 200 items for a total look that has long passed the European borders, going to impose their trends in Asia, Russia and Middle East. If you pass from Seoul you can not not visit their flagship. The strength is in knitwear, in cashmere and printed in addition to the embroidery that embellish maxi skirts, shirts and blouses. The collection declined in 30 different prints is the story of one of the usual routine stove American woman after a trip to Tokyo (the theme of the current season, editor’s note) decides to land in Tuscany, going to mix two worlds so far apart as the West and East (the theme of the spring/summer, editor’s note). An urban wardrobe suitable for an ironic woman, romantic, always with a touch of rock that looks for the limited edition of a garment produced in just 99 units worldwide.

Claudio Cutuli
His stoles have been around the world, her bags are real works of art chosen not at random from Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Demi Lovato to name but a few. Are natural yarns, bamboo, nettle, wool that is interwoven to create the most unique bag you’ve ever seen. They are hand drummed leathers with natural dyes, washed in goat milk (and if you do not believe me, try smelling a bag!), Decorated with crocodile leather and declined in ten iconic models, from the bag over version, the most Eclectic the clutch. In Italy it remains only 10% of the production, since over 60% of turnover comes none other than the US and the rest from Asia. The Mediterranean roots of the designers have proved capable of overcoming any diktat imposed by fashion and her hats have become a piece to have at all costs in their wardrobe.

Cristiano Burani
They are the special guest of the Only Woman section and are among those who have wowed fans and buyers from around the world. Beyoncé, Halle Berry, Ellie Goulding and Ariana Grande are just some of the celebrity who recently showed off pieces created by TheMBAPrograms.com, bravo to decide to walk on his legs after a positivissima experience at Blumarine and Versace. A lord in the collection are the raffia embroidery and plastic, with canvas tufts and Swarovski applications. To this it joins a clever combination between the high tailoring of the garments and quell’allure typically casual urban, which is distinctive mark of the brand. The idea of opening the door to a men’s collection is in the air, for now the brand, 100% made ​​in Italy, which aims to dress a woman who loves contemporary luxury, you can enjoy the Asian and American success.

LC 23
His story is funny as its leaders. The designer is Leo Colacicco, management engineer with the e-fashion habit that at some point in his life decides to come out and create its own brand, initially producing only shirts, made ​​entirely by hand, as a mother teaches. Today presents collections capable of creating total completely unique look, from the point sponge embroidery, beaded, so fashionable in the ’80s that we find on sweatshirts, going to embroidery crochet trench on to finish in the cross stitch that are on the labels. White presents his fourth collaboration born with Popeye, which, cartoonish, becomes the star of the collection. The next step will be the fair in Paris, after the success in Japan, always focusing on the only concept that has made ​​the brand: Hand with love… like shirts made ​​for a life from Leo’s mother, as the limited edition built for Lorenzo Jovanotti.


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