Winter Shorts, Do You Dare with The Tendency to ‘ Short’? (Part I)

Winter Shorts, Do You Dare with The Tendency to ‘ Short’? (Part I)

March 26, 2018 Mobile and Phone 0

The guys with spirit more trendy us wear of short This Autumn-winter 2010 / 2011, and no, I haven’t mad, which at the moment look Bullfighter still not been implemented, nor even on the runways, although allusions to Spanish folklore if that we’ve seen and more than one, especially in the female Collections. This deserves a post apart, much more appropriate for Jezebel’s admired colleagues.

Who said that Bermuda are only for the summer?, this season the shorts o shorts they burst into the most prestigious international fashion shows (also the patriotic design has echoed of the trend), they appear in magazines devoted editorials or raze among the boldest streetstylers. As always I say remains to be seen Yes ‘ curdles ’ the idea, for the part that I’m happy to share it with you.

Eskimo-inspired in Comme des Garçons

The tireless REI Kawakubo for your first line, Comme des Garçons He has presented the total looks more total short, forgive the repetition of this daring proposal in autumn. Suits jackets of more three pieces formed by long pants, overlapping bermuda, vest and jacket included in pack.

Fabrics purely Winter; cloth, velvet, tweed, and up to quilts, to dress the most complete looks that support style. Blue and gray are combined with natural tones such as carmel, the Green and the tile and acentuados with a touch of Fuchsia in socks.
Polka dot xl, hearts y microdot stamping sets of roomy cut with great fall pants and shorts with flight. To complete shoes with sole pneumatic type, and synthetic hair especially in hats of Eskimo inspiration.

Boho-Chic in Paul Smith and Alexis Mabille

Much more Bohemian in Alexis Mabille with a costume-short variegated cotton more American with satin lapels, combined with tights and adorned with tilted hat and cinturon-Joya. White mesh with SOCKS overlapping and pointy shoes in gray complete image.

Super Chic y Ultra-dandy in Paul Smith, combining a cashmere with an American velvet pants, bib shirt, Bowler Hat and stockings, all in black white and curiously brown shoes.

Executive short-Tom Browne

The uniform of the Executive par excellence is the costume, What if this autumn saw the bus
sinessmen of the most cosmopolitan cities dresses with sets of tailoring of short pants, in pinstriped or checkered, combined with averages of rhombuses, shoes, and coats over the knee. Supplements? necktie and bow tie and can be Briefcase.

Publisher: Extreme Layers

The Japanese photographer Yasunaki Kikuma He was commissioned to photograph a session entitled Elemntal Layers for Dazed & Confused in its Japanese Edition. And is that as its very title indicates the set of layers It is elementary to create the looks more ends.

Thus some black leggings with side zippers detail overlaps them a Bermuda short black more a grid openwork knit jersey James Long. Mountain boots and a peinado-depeinado of riotous bangs complete pose rather anodyne image.