X 550 MM, The Sennheiser’s High-end Bluetooth Headphones

Visually the MMM 550-X has an air of family with the Px 210 range and 360 with its broad type supra-Auralheadphones (ear is completely covered) and foldable, comfortable pads and his padded headband.

The socket is closed on the head but no sensation of weight or pressure, this helmet is very comfortable to wear. The packaging contains a charger with different adapters according to the country of use (well done), a cable for wired listening, an airplane adaptor, the operating instructions and charge USB cable.

Everything is shipped in a carrying case, no doubt, Sennheiser looking us good headphones to travel. Nothing don’t miss so little blame all the same, the record is reduced must settle for Visual, some text would not too.

Pairing with a Cowon J3 was a bit laborious, but using the Sennheiser website explanation, everything is back in order. The 550 MM-X is a Bluetooth 2.1 compatible APTX, active noise reduction and function Surround (SRS). It offers extra call pickup and access to the beaches and on the right earpiece volume keys.Autonomy is announced for 9 h.

The test on the headset begins without use of the gear noise or the surround system, according to cellphoneexplorer. The look, both on the “Si senor” Gloria Estefan on the ‘truth’ of Aswad, is clean andbalanced, bandwidth is extended to the 2 ends, there is some support in the bottom of the spectrumwithout overflow as on many helmets to fashion, and the acute monte without sur-definition. Confirmed on the album “True Ballad” of the “Archie Shepp Quartet” is neutral, in the image of the usual sound aesthetic of Sennheiser. This helmet does not seek to make fake bass that explode the eardrums but the subtlety, a bit like a Bowers & Wilkins P5, although in a completely different style. Insulation is very correct in the natural. I have not been convinced, however, by activation of the Surround mode which projected the treble at the expense of the grave and general equilibrium. Activation of the noise reduction is, she more decisive, even if there are still a small residue of background noise, widely acceptable. The buttons on the right earpiece volume and navigation have worked perfectly on the Cowon, practical and functional.

The balance sheet is more than favorable. The sound reproduction is of high standard, quality manufacturing and packaging more than complete. Rest the MM550-X is positioned on a high-end niche where there is tough competition, want him to find his place.